The photographers

Jack R. Guggenheimer

Jack has been a photographer for the last Ten years, Living in Montana for the last Six. Yellowstone Photography is a passion project created to express the natural beauty of the Wild West that not many of us get to see. Jack has a love for all things outdoors and capturing the little moments that some of us let slip by. His hope is to bring some of that natural beauty into your home.

Jerry S O'Neal

Jerry is a 3rd generation Montanan born and raised in Helena before embarking on a 46 year teaching career across the northwest.   Jerry is a passionate outdoorsman who enjoys activities ranging from skiing to hiking to fishing and hunting and anything that gets him into the wilderness.  Jerry's love for photography began in college and has been part of his routine for the last 5 decades, taking his camera with him on many of his adventures which today can be found as part of the Yellowstone Photography collection.